CSN Product Review: Emerilware Pro-Clad Sauce Pan

Today we bring you the CSN sauce pan review *cue deep warbling voice* IN THREEEEE DEEEEE! Okay, so it’s in plain ol’ 2-D, but this shot is just screaming for some 3-D glasses, yes? And now we end this tangent to bring you back to your scheduled blog post.

The kind folks over at CSN offered me a $40 certificate to review one of their products and I was happy to oblige. Free kitchen stuff? Yes, thank you, mhhhhmm. After wasting quite a few hours browsing my eyeballs off on the huge CSN website, I narrowed it down to this Emerilware stainless steel saucier. I have to say that after one look , I was smitten. It’s obnoxiously shiny, well designed, and clearly a high-quality product. For someone used to cooking with 3 crappy, scratched-up, scorched IKEA pots, this was the holy grail of kitchenware. Without the blood-thirsty white rabbit, of course.

See where it astutely warns, “Keep an eye on it. Heat and shatter resistant tempered glass lid for monitering cooking progress”? This is good advice for ANY pot or pan.

Let’s say, hypothetically, you accidentally left your IKEA pot’s lid on a burner that, remember, hypothetically was left on. When you’re sitting on the couch hearing imaginary popping noises, you (and of course I mean a very non-personal you) should probably get up and take the lid off the burner. Otherwise, this theoretical situation could turn into a very real mess of shattered glasss. And thus, we are left with a pot without a lid. But you wouldn’t do that, I’m sure.

I’m giving it to you straight: I’ve only used this sauce pan once: for melting chocolate. Because I’m a good little girl and I read the stupid user manual, I knew to only use low to medium heat on this thing. Turns out, Emeril knows his shit. The chocolate melted wonderfully, only needing an occasional stir from my end to prevent burning. And really how can I complain when the house smells like melting chocolate? Impossible, yes, impossible my good sirs.

I don’t watch Emeril, but now that I have his pot I’mBAM! destined for cooking greatness. Without all the dead meat and lard and such.

Overall, this is a high-quality professional sauce pan that has–for all the worry warts out there–a life time guarantee. Although I don’t know how much I’ll use it due to its small size, it’s a worthy investment for future cooking endeavors.