I dream fondly of my kitchen days, forgotten in a dreamy haze

I wouldn’t normally give you the whiny rendition of current events, but the foodie in me slowly dies as I continue to subsist on meal after meal of hopelessly bland cafeteria food. First night’s dinner was a plate of boiled-until-unrecognizable veggies with not a speck of seasoning in sight, but I’d like to think the utterly confused French cafeteria cook (“vegan… food?”) is slowly adapting. I had some greasy ratatouille for lunch today and I almost enjoyed it. That plus some fresh strawberries for dessert? I got no reason to mouth off.

Yet sometimes it’s necessary to run wild and splurge some euros on a plate of Italian gnocchi goodness that will make you feel like… like you don’t eat mushy, flavorless crap three times a day. This marinara sauce from Amici’s Ristorante Italiano in (Cannes) La Bocca was incredibly flavorful despite its short list of ingredients- just tomatoes, basil, garlic, and simple spices. The gnocchi were unbelievably creamy and rich, but not enough to stop me from scarfing my plate’s contents in mere minutes. As I later watched French men in blue undies dance across the Licorne Theatre in a modern art performance, that yummy-in-my tummy vibe allowed me to just go with the flow. Even if that flow included a cornucopia of exposed privates parts flounced across the stage.

Lest I forget, the winner of the CSN $40 giveaway as picked by random.com is comment #12, Amy. Huzzah!

Take note: the vegan anniversary beckons! On the morn of the 25th of Feburary I commence the third year of my glorious vegan lifestyle with a trip to Florence! Get out all the exclamation points you can handle because there’s some exciting stuff going on up in here.