Pear, Chocolate, & Cashew Cream Wafflewich

I fully endorse dessert as a meal replacement. With enthusiam, I eat my kale-a-day, attack my mixing bowl salads with B-12 flakelettes (nooch-addicted!), and gleefully wolf down my morning oatmeal. But sometimes you are in the mood for Foodstuffs Most Innutritious and when that sometimes becomes today times you might just try this wafflewich on for gluttony. Leftover VWAV Ginger Pear waffles*, ripe slices of Bartlett pear, agave-sweetened cashew cream, and semisweet chocolate chips to establish decadence. If I were to open my own vegan gourmet wafflewich-erie (à la Bruxie of my Orange days), I would first grin toothlessly until acrimonious onlookers threw rocks and, more saliently, this sandwich would headline the menu.

As this was my lunch, I followed it with carrot sticks with Siracha. Let’s attribute it as just one flounder in an ocean of vegan idiosyncrasies.

*Burnt, you query? Burnt ‘n tasty, I answer.

10 thoughts on “Pear, Chocolate, & Cashew Cream Wafflewich

  1. It’s become such a rarity for me to make waffles that if I get that far, it’s pretty much a miracle. I can’t even begin to imagine what deliciousness those fruity, creamy, and sweet toppings add! Maybe if I prepared everything in stages, I might be able to complete such a project by dinner time. ;)

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