You like free schtuff too? NO. WAY.

Let’s get right down to it. The lovely folks over at have contacted me about hosting a $40 code giveaway and I’m happy to oblige. If CSN were a physical store, I would hit that place up everyday: such consistently exceptional deals on quality items. They offer everything from modern duvet covers to anything else your heart could desire. Seriously, do you want a Pink Pig Ultrasonic humidifier? Pawned the Google, done.

And now for the trite words of appreciation: every single one of my readers, even all you Google Reader lurkers out there (which to my chagrin don’t show up on my stats page), make me smile in the morning. Actually I’m far too much of a zombie in the morning for such pleasantries–much more likely is unidentified guttural noises of intense comatose–but go with the metaphor people. Giveaways allow one the perfect opportunity to say, “Hey I like you. You don’t smell bad.”

So please leave a comment for your own sake and not mine. I might get some gratification, but you get the chance for free things. Emphasis on fah-ree.

I’ll let pick the lucky winner of the $40 gift code on February 16th, aka the day after Single Appreciation Day. Or to be far more narcissistic, exactly one week after my twenty-first birthday. Is that today? Huh, whaddayaknow.

15 thoughts on “You like free schtuff too? NO. WAY.

  1. Happy Birthday gal!

    I’m one of your google reader lurkers :)

    And put me in the drawing for fah-ree stuff!

    Hope you are out enjoying your 21st! all the best!

  2. i’d love to be in the drawing- i’ve been online shopping for duvet covers, and i do read your blog (link from ppk). happy happy birthday

  3. Happy birthday!!!!

    I’m a ppk-follower of you myself, like rejoyce above.
    I would also like to be considered for the draw – is awesome.

  4. ☆★☆ Bon Anniversaire! ☆★☆
    Thank you so much for the Chocolate-Covered Coconut Balls recipe! I was scrambling thru the internet trying to find a quickie recipe to surprise my coconut-lovin’ sweetie and there you are! So easy and yumlicious…many thanks!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the recipe; it’s always nice to have your work tested out by others. Now I am craving Coconut Balls, but too bad I no longer have a kitchen…

  5. what an amazing birthday celebration you had, hope this whole year is just as special!
    Some great recipes here to try out too, thanks! : )

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