Product Review: Silk Nog

I’m gonna lay it all on the table: I’ve never had “real” egg nog (because all vegan food is fake, obvs) and even as a pregan the idea of drinking raw egg has always been… disturbing, to put it lightly. Fucking disgusting, to put it rudely. So it was with conflicted anticipation that I decided to put down some cash for the seasonal Silk Nog soymilk.

I needn’t have ben worried because this stuff is yummy yummy in my tummy. Notes of cinnamon, cloves, and and nutmeg lace the milk throughout. The head honchos over at Silk suggest grated nutmeg over it, which kinda sounds like nutmeg overkill to me. I say a splash of a nice quality spirit would be better, but that’s the drunk girl in me talking.

Fun little factoid: too much nutmeg can get ya high. No kidding, a couple of my (not-so-smart) friends did this, in junior high no less. The idea being that it was easier to obtain nutmeg from their kitchen spice rack than the usual cannabis greenery. Don’t want to enforce sexist gender norms, but it’s pretty obvious this was the thinking process of two *brilliant* guys. I’m almost tempted to recreate their experience, but then I remember that their fun little recreational drug activity ended in the ER. Yahhhp, I’m good.

(The more you know…)

Overall it’s a sweet, smooth nut milk and a very addicting one at that. I’m not a huge soymilk person so that’s saying something. Usually it tastes too “beany” to me but this Nog has none of that weird soybean aftertaste I loathe. I’m still a little creeped out by its yellow coloring, but perhaps it’s an attempt by the Silk scientists to make it look “eggy” or some nonsense. Psh.

Other new seasonal Silk flavors I’m dying to get my paws on: Mint Chocolate and Pumpkin Spice. And don’t miss the head-to-head comparison of all three flavors over at The Laziest Vegans in the World, complete with multiple tester commentary.

Vegan Mofo Week 2 is go!

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