Unemployment doesn’t work for me

This shall henceforth be known as the entry that I’ve been meaning to write but haven’t had the energy to do so. I live a really busy life right now, you know, Arrested Development marathons, waiting by the phone for the job interviews that never come, neglecting my pigsty of a room, Facebook… As I said, really, monumentally busy. So busy I played 8 games of Uno with my brother this morning and won 7. Yep, I’ma livin’ the life.

Some semi-recent adventures in the kitchen:

My version of Fat Free Vegan's Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Of course, I added my own spices and such, but the overall recipe is the same. Didn’t add the truffle oil, because what college student can afford that shit?!

It gets an A+ as leftovers too, especially paired with a toasty piece of sourdough.

Avocado with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, & pepper

This is one of my go-to snacks and it really can’t be beat. Cheap, healthy, easy, and fast. And to think I used to hate avocado! It just goes to show that if you try enough, taste buds change.

Daiya (vegan) grilled cheese

That Daiya grilled cheese tasted scarily like the Kraft single grilled cheeses that I used to hate as a vegetarian. Which is to say, that it was disgusting. It even had the same horrible cheese smell. Egads.

Dairy cheese = gross

Therefore: Daiya cheese that is the supposed “game changer”= gross

Sorry fellow vegan bloggers who swoon over the stuff. I will continue to try to like Daiya, but no promises. As of right now, I’ve had it on nachos, grilled cheese, pasta, and a casserole (I picked it off) and my verdict hasn’t changed. For now, I’m going to stick to my beloved nooch. It may not taste “like” cheese, but it’s not supposed to! That’s the beauty of it.

Okay, Daiya rant over.

Look at that ridiculously melty vegan cheese

I think having nothing to do is actually making me lazier. Scary thought.

Check back for an Amy’s macaroni & cheese review, coming soon (after just one more Gilmore Girls episode, promise).

2 thoughts on “Unemployment doesn’t work for me

  1. You know, the first time I tried daiya on bread in a grilled cheese form, I thought the same thing. Gross. Weird… and too much like cheese, which I never actually liked anyway. But I do like it in some incarnations (or maybe it’s just grown on me over time). My partner and I have made some crazy good (and not gross) cheese sauces with just a bit of daiya and some soy/coconut milk.

    1. Since writing this post (more than a year ago! wow), I’ve brought myself to tolerate, some might even gander to use the word “enjoy,” Mozz Daiya on a slice of pizza. I rarely buy it because its raw form does not agree with my nose. I think I prefer Follow Your Heart for most things.
      The cheddar Daiya, though? No thank you, never. I even tried it baked into cheese biscuits and, while the biscuits were fantastic, I found myself dreading the cheezy parts. And once again: CHEESE SMELL.
      However, I’m sure your Daiya sauces are great; I just don’t think I can expect much from it because it’s supposed to resemble processed American cheese, which I despised growing up.

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