I’m not dead, promise!

If I had any regular readers since starting my blog, I’m sure I’ve all but lost them now. I am a lazy ass when it comes to blogging, not gonna lie.¬†Ignoring my little MuffinTopped for a month… it’s pretty bad. I’ve just been crunched for time lately with school, travel plans, and work. Finals week has finally arrived. But really, I know that you don’t care about my excuses.

I must say, today has been simply splendid. I spent most of the morning sleeping in, which was a nice change. Finished my Statistics take-home final and spent some quality time with my friend Erika watching French movies and discussing our plans to visit Paris in Janury. Plus, this rain gives me a nice excuse to lounge around my apartment all day in my fuzzy sweats, drinking chai tea and watching The Office.

The cold weather lately has left me craving stew and other warm savory foods that stick to your ribs (in a good way). I’ve made this eggplant stew a few times, always altering it according to my fancy or what veggies/beans happen to be in the fridge at the time. The base is basically roasted eggplant, roasted garlic, and a little bit of veggie broth as needed. Then I add in whatever, this particular time sauteed carrots, potatoes, jalapenos, and bellpeppers; chickpeas; and lentils. Then I spice the hell out of it with tons of cumin and cayenne and anything else that looks good. It’s fairly simple to make, but extremely satisfying.

Not very pretty, but damn tasty.

Here’s some other food randoms I’ve photographed lately:

Basic pancakes with EB and (real) maple syrup. I made pumpkin pancakes the other day, but neglected to take pics.

Mmm look at that melty Earth Balance and maple syrup...

Finally… muffins! These little babies are Pumpkin Bran muffins w/added walnuts from Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Vegan Brunch. Highly recommended book- everything I’ve made from it has turned out scrumptious and these muffins were no exception. My roommates loved them (“It’s like they’re from a bakery.”)

My apologies for the horrible pictures. No natural lighting is a problem.

A fairly simple teriyaki veggie stir fry with toasted sesame seeds on top. Lately I’ve been working on creating the perfect teriyaki and I think I’m getting close. More details when I’m finally happy with it…

A lemon poppyseed cookie that I always end up getting whenever I visit my local health food store (in the Orange Circle). I have no self-control when it comes to vegan cookies!

Hell yes.

I promise from now on to start blogging more regularly and to actually take pictures of my cooking adventures. Until next time, happy holidays!

My talented swap partner KatieUD made me this. Isn't it gorgeous?

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